Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who are otherwise nervous or frightened about visiting the dental office. It is also helpful for those who are having more invasive procedures done, and who would benefit from being sedated. We offer oral conscious sedation so that you won’t need to worry about an having IV or being put into a completely deep sleep. It is safe for patients of all ages, and beneficial in helping you comfortably undergo the dental treatment that is needed.

Why is Sedation Dentistry needed?

You might need sedation dentistry if you are nervous and otherwise panicked over visiting the office. If you’re going to be having oral surgery done or a more complicated procedure, we may recommend that you have sedation administered. We use oral sedation, which involves taking a medication before your appointment to relax you. You will find that it is easier and more comfortable to have work done under oral sedation.

Jenna Shteyngart
I hate going to the dentist, my kids absolutely adamantly refuse to go to the dentists, but Dr Nellie totally changed our perspective! I mean yes customer service is superb, staff is friendly office is sterile and technology is great, but what won us over is how unbelievably painless the whole process was! My daughter who screams bloody murder at the sight of the dentist did not even bat an eye when Dr Nellie put a crown on her broken tooth. She was literally stunned with how quick and smooth the whole procedure went. My teeth are super sensitive and cleaning is a torture for me. I barely felt anything with Dr Nellie, and my teeth are super clean, white and smooth. Absolutely loved the experience at her clinic, and 100% would recommend.
Olga Romanenko
Just had a great experience in Federal Way Dentistry! Came for check up and broken tooth, Dr. Nellie offered me same day crown and like 90 min later I left the office with fixed tooth, new crown and clean teeth! I am really impressed with new technology and knowledge of the stuff! Federal Way Dentistry is my dentistry now.
Kathy Alyabyev
The staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Nellie recently took over the practice and her work is thoroughly done. If you have any questions, the staff and Dr. Nellie will gladly answer and put your mind at ease. I 100% Recommend Dr. Nellie and the staff at Federal Way Dentistry!!
Kat Solovjov
I wanted to recommend this dental office to everybody, the people are very friendly! Scheduling the appointment was super easy, I like how the website is super simple to use. Dr. Nellie is a great dentist! 5 stars
Jana Lamay
Dr. Nellie Solovjov is very efficient, thorough, and gentle. She truly cares about her patients; I would recommend her to family, friends, and everyone, especially people with children, for she is very kind, compassionate, and patient. Her supporting staff, the assistants, dental hygienists, and office staff are all wonderful, caring people as well. 10 stars to Federal Way Dentistry!
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Who is a good candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

We will review your medical and health history before any sedation is administered. Most patients who want sedation can safely have this treatment, and will benefit from what it is able to do for them. Oral sedation is ideal for patients of all ages, as it is customized and personalized for those taking it. If you’ve been forgoing treatment because of fear and anxiety, oral sedation is a great option for you.

What happens during Sedation Dentistry?

You will be instructed to take a sedative pill about a half hour to an hour before your appointment. It is important that someone drives you both to and from your visit with us. The procedure is done, and you’ll be taken to one of our recovery rooms to wake up. It is still important that you have someone bring you home after treatment is done as it is unsafe to drive yourself. You can benefit from oral conscious sedation because you’re still able to stay awake for the procedure, but will be in a highly relaxed state.

If you think you might benefit from sedation dentistry, call us today and we will be happy to further assist you.

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